Wandering, Wondrous, Witty Websites to Watch World Wide

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7334_541121910453_26203060_31996603_6243070_nEvery once in a while, you should help those that have been loyal and true friends from the get go. Today, I want to promote a few of my friends sites to possibly give them a slight boost towards their already popular sites. I know this push may be a slight tap that has a very small effect on their growth, but it never hurts to promote those who have supported you and your thoughts for many years.


1501886442_da8db06901_mThrilling Heroics – I think most Lifestyle Design folks who accidentally stumbled over to LifeExcursion have already found this site and think I am just trying to pull popularity from Cody McKibben. However, that is not the case one bit. Cody and I go back a few years to when we were attending Sacramento State. During our classes, we would be “those guys” questioning any and every principle while trying to maintain our sanity. Today, Cody is a very successful entrepreneur by way of incredible technological skills and a unique lifestyle design. If you are in need of some technological consulting, this is the man who knows everything or knows where to get anything you need. Cody is a great guy and I am glad to have met him.

Check out ThrillingHeroics for light towards a path of lifestyle freedom!

s26203060_31125977_3052InSearchofSanuk – I don’t know many people that give so much of themselves to man kind. Dwight Turner is one of those few people. I don’t think I know any other person that everyone loves more and can’t say a bad word about. Dwight and I went to Sacramento State and we didn’t know each other very well until our senior year. I had just arrived back from Australia and had a new found look on life. Dwight was a bright fellow student who was somewhat quiet and reserved, but would randomly laugh in class every so often. Eventually, he and I got to know each other well. We both had a class break every Wednesday, if I can remember, from around 3:45 until 6. Well, we quickly found out we each loved the alkie. So we started going to local restaurants (walking, not driving) in between our two classes. Obviously, we drank too much each week. And obviously we both would be the boisterous-loud-mouth-know-it-all’s when we would stumble into our 6 o’clock class with the great Dr. Dave Zuckerman who pitied us as he loved the same beverages. Anyways, long story short, Dwight is an amazing guy who now lives in Thailand and is trying to build a foundation called In Search of Sanuk (Sanuk stands for fun). To put it in a few words, In Search of Sanuk (ISOS) is a community where people can collaborate on ways to change the world around them. One last thing before you check his site out….ask Dwight to post the quotes from the Great Zuk classes….they will definitely make you die laughing.

Check Out Dwight at InSearchofSanuk today!


n10032225_5040Migrationology – Have you ever met a person who cares about very little in necessities and very much in traveling everywhere and is not a hippie? I have. His name is Mark Wiens. Mark grew up all over the world, but primarily in Africa as his parents are traveling missionaries. I met Mark through my best friend in Phoenix while he was attending Arizona State University. This man has opened my eyes to everything. From junk hauling to proper rice cooking to the flavorful (and unhealthy) world of Hookah smoking to the difference of shave ice in Hawaii and the continental US to hustling any and everything on ebay and craigslist to ultra budgeting and the list could really go on. Mark is different in almost every way than any individual or group of people in every way. He has the best of intentions and the kindest heart. He knows what he has wanted and has achieved it, whatever it be. He currently is a nomad traveling the globe doing everything you and I want to do. He runs Migrationology which is dedicated to his travels worldwide.

Check out Migrationology for some great adventures stories that truly inspire travel!


I hope you all enjoyed these gentleman’s websites. They are all currently wandering through Southeast Asia and always would love your support on their site, so go check out ASAP.

Don’t forget…You can get The Power of LESS by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits for FREE ….CLICK HERE to subscribe and get that book for FREE

Appreciate another day standing on level ground instead of laying 6 feet under…



11 Responses to Wandering, Wondrous, Witty Websites to Watch World Wide

  1. D! Thanks for this. You reminded me how much I miss those days at State. You forgot to mention our grades and popularity were higher in that last class of the day. Only thing is–we’re all wandering SE Asia and wondering where the hell you’re at. I’m on the long road to trying to get a foundation or something here, so you should make some plans to come visit. Anyway, I appreciate the love and I know Cody and Mark will hit you up when they catch this. I guess it’s only appropriate I share a quote:

    “If you want softcore you have to get cable” ~DZ

    Keep rocking and don’t settle for cable!
    .-= Dwight/ดนัย´s last blog ..BIG Thanks =-.

    • Dave says:

      Love the quote man….Awesome….HAHAHA….and for those of you who loved that quote…hit dwight up for more at insearchofsanuk


  2. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for recommending these guys. I am into lifestyle design, but haven’t heard of these three. I’m always on the lookout for other lifestyle designers. I will go and check out their blogs now and subscribe by RSS.

    Thanks once again.
    .-= Gordie Rogers´s last blog ..Why You Should Make Lots Of Decisions Quickly. =-.

  3. Barb McMahon says:

    Thanks Dave! I’ve just added a couple more sites to my reading list!
    .-= Barb McMahon´s last blog ..Celebrating the Inevitable Passage of Time =-.

  4. Ken Kurowasa says:

    Seems like Sac State is at the heart of the new lifestyle design!
    Awesome to see that you guys still keep in touch.

    .-= Ken Kurowasa´s last blog ..The 7 Extraordinary Benefits of Rising Early =-.

    • Dave says:

      I think Sac State should do a special on us. Maybe call it “Graduates fake ‘broke lifestyles’ as being the perfect ‘lifestyle design’” HAHAHAHA


  5. Dena says:

    What a great post and what a sweet thing to do for your friends/colleagues. I think you are right, every little mention helps. No thing is too small – remember the butterfly effect. :)


    .-= Dena´s last blog ..How to Forgive =-.

  6. Karen says:

    I forget that you went to school with these guys! What an awesome school to breed so many awesome bloggers, and free thinkers! I think Cody and Dwight are doing great things… haven’t heard of Mark’s blog. So, I’m off to check him out!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..10 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Blogger =-.

  7. Really appreciate the article Damron. Like Dwight said, there is a spot for you in Bangkok, and we do munch victoriously around here. By the way, I have not forgotten about the donation for the meal. The article will be coming out soon. Sorry its been forever. Hope life is fantastic.
    .-= Migration Mark´s last blog ..Trek From Mayoyao to Batad (Part II) =-.

    • Dave says:

      Hey…no prob about the meal donation man…Hope it was good and can’t wait to read. I don’t know that it would be healthy for me to move there with you guys. I don’t think eating street food and running in thick Bangkok smoke are really going to get me back on the healthy track. HAHAHA. Good to hear from you man.


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