Taking Big Steps

Taking Big Steps

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As a child, we are urged to get from crawling to walking in as little of time as possible. Unfortunately, as with many aspects to life, we are urged to take baby steps instead of giant leaps.

Baby Steps Versus Baby Steps

The baby steps I am talking about our the ones where we get nowhere…or at least not very far.

There are those who do a bunch of little baby steps that combine to be a great feat. Then there are those that continue to just mozing around like a baby whose steps get them nowhere. There is a difference. Trust me, I see it every day at the grind.

What I want you to ask of yourself is to implement baby steps that have a greater impact on your life. For example, let’s assume you want to complete a marathon. Now, taking on this challenge is a big step sure. However, that big step is built on baby steps like running a 5k and then a 10k and so on. I am preaching that the big step must be established or your baby steps will get you nowhere.

Stepping With Purpose

My girlfriend and I walk with purpose. We walk with a goal in mind and often get to that goal sooner and more efficiently then others. Now, I am able to slow down and smell the roses too (my girlfriend is working on that), but for all intensive purposes my actions are centered around accomplishing something.

The question is, are you stepping with purpose?

What do you most want to accomplish in life? Now, are you taking the necessary steps to make that a reality. In other words, are you acting with purpose?

If Not Big Steps…What Steps are You Taking

If you are not taking the big steps to establishing and accomplishing your dreams, then what steps are you really taking? What are you wasting? Do you feel value in anything that you are trying to do? These should be questions that bug the hell out of you. I know they do and they keep pushing me to achieve more. And not just more, but more that has meaning to my life.

From this moment forward, try to ask yourself daily what big step you are taking to start living your dreams. Just simply confronting the doubter, quitter, procrastinator within will get you to start taking those big strides to success.

6 Responses to Taking Big Steps

  1. Hey David, nice post. Personally, I’m all about taking baby steps until they begin to turn into giant strides.

    The funny thing about baby steps and doing one simple thing at a time as you pursue your goals: you’re seem to be moving slow but procrastination and doubt don’t have a chance to catch up to you.

  2. David says:

    I think the biggest step anyone can take is to commit themselves to a goal and then follow through by taking the small steps everyday to make it happen.

    Thats what I like about your blog, you have a big goal in mind but you write about all of the little things you are doing to make it happen.

  3. This site brightened up while I was away! I like the road signs. For me, baby steps often equal procrastination. I feel like I’m accomplishing something without truly doing much of anything. A project I was working on this week could have easily been finished because I’ve had plenty of time. But here it is Friday already…
    Thanks for this article to give me a push to make my steps count!

  4. Hi David.

    Thanks for the reminder to make sure each day we are taking steps. It is so important to be mindful of how we are spending our time, because it seems to go by so quickly, and we don’t want to wake up one day and regret not doing the things we want to.
    I’ve been taking some good steps lately :) just finished my first e-book.

  5. I’m looking for the next big thing in my life, and any step in the right direction would be great progress at the moment.

    I’ve been stagnating for a while, but I can feel the momentum building. I just don’t know where I’m going yet. It’s a very interesting feeling…


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