Staying Focused…..

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Staying Focused….

So, I began writing today’s post about two hours ago. Okay, maybe I didn’t start 2 hours ago, but that was my goal. All of a sudden, I am checking out , then looking up the Billboard Top 100 , then I go feed the dog, then I start editing my site trying to figure out how to get the comments section working.¬† And now I sit here realizing I needed to start my blog post 2 hours ago. Sure the last 2 hours were probably 50% productive. That still means I was 50% unproductive. I am sure I am not the only one to do this quite often. So let me provide some hypocritical advice that may help you (and more importantly, help me) next time you catch yourself off task.
I, usually, try to be secluded when I need to be productive. As with most situations with multiple people, the focus of each individual  varies depending on each of those individuals. With that, there is rarely the opportunity to completely focus on one task at the same pace together. Therefore, get the heck out of there. Go somewhere you can focus without interruption from other people. Make sure your setting promotes productive work. That also means turning your cell phone off as well as instant messenger. Now that you have a good environment, try to focus on your posture. I suck at this. The better your posture, the more productive you will be. Next, try and focus on one task at a time. Tim Ferriss mentions the false notion of multi-tasking productivity . Multi-tasking is assumed to be more productive, but if you are unable to focus your energy on one subject or task, your mind is not able to comprehend what needs to be done and how to reach the goal in its most productive way. So, pick a task (make a list prior to starting) and work through that task before moving on.

Hopefully, these few basic steps get you to remaining focused on what needs to be done. Sometimes, I can be a hypocrite, but when I implement these tools, I seem to get a lot more done in a lot less time. Thus, leaving more room for what you really want to be doing daily in your excursion through life…

If you have a suggestion as to how I or fellow readers can stay focused more often, shout it out so we too can share in your ultra-productive mannerism .


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