Monthly Goal Report – June 2011

Monthly Goal Report – June 2011

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Taking things in a totally different direction is absolutely okay. Even Adam Baker agrees.

Over the last 6 months, I have been tracking and noting my success’ and failures through the monthly goal reports like this. Well, that has been helpful, but I feel like I am still at a 50-50 level. In other words, I have failed just as often as succeeded and June 2011 was no different.

To combat this, I will be testing a new approach. For the month of July (…and maybe further), I will be “taking on” Vic Magary in a monthly goal duel.

Now, I am still going to stick with a majority of the previous structure, but I am going to be implementing a new outlook as I don’t want to “lose the battle” versus Vic.

Hope you enjoy…

What I Accomplished in June 2011

  • Connected Like Never BeforeAt the World Domination Summit, I was able to jump out of a plane, see a beautiful city in Portland, and, most importantly, connect. I met some of the people I have looked up to for years in Karol Gajda and Leo Babauta. I was able to converse with them like a normal human being and not through black and white text. It changed my whole perspective on approach to an online empire. Another great aspect that came from it was having Babauta work with me on this article following WDS that never would have happened had we not connected.
  • Cleaned Up Life Ex – You may have noticed some changes to Life Excursion. Though the site redesign happened in April, I have switched over to general 3D character images, implemented the header-less-rule via Derek Halpern and generally updated a lot of other things primarily from suggestions of Pat Flynn & Halpern in this video.

What I Learned

I learned a lot in June. It doesn’t matter how long I pursue my dreams of online entrepreneurship, I am always reminded of how difficult it is to make it.

Though I didn’t accomplish many of my stated June goals, I was able to build deeper connections with those I admire.

This month’s biggest advice I can provide is to start using Google Calendar and sync with every tech device you have. Sean Ogle does this and I need to implement more myself. I have done a bit of testing with it and it keeps me focused and gets things accomplished.

I know this section may not sound inspiring. It’s not. What it is though is guidance. I have learned from my mistakes and here is your push not to fall to the traps and mediocrity like myself.

July 2011 Goals

Like I stated earlier, I met a lot of cool, interesting, and successful people at WDS. Vic Magary was one of them and when he approached me with the idea to kick the monthly goal reports up a notch, I was definitely down.

So, today, the looking-forward aspect to the monthly goal report will look a tad different, but nothing to extremely different you won’t be able to relate.

Let’s get to it….and check out Vic’s July Goal Duel Report here.

  • Health Goal:Hit 185 lbs at some point during July. I am fluctuating between 194 and 200 lbs depending on the day at this point. I need to get my weight down to improve my running times.
  • Wealth Goal:Make $1,000 via online streams of income. Whether through services or products, I feel this is a realistic goal that I need to make more of a reality sooner.
  • Relationships Goal: Work directly with 3 clients on attacking and accomplishing their goals.
  • Outlandish Goal: ¬†Get my subscriber list up to 500 devoted life Excursion fans. Currently sitting at about 200.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and can definitely use your suggestions on how I can accomplish my goals. Remember, this is a two-way street and I am always open to suggestions.

Have a wonderful July!



4 Responses to Monthly Goal Report – June 2011

  1. Vic Magary says:

    Looking good, Dave! Time to rock these July goals. . . Let the battle begin!

  2. Benny says:

    Can you elaborate more about using Google Calendars? I don’t use it but if it’ll help I’d love to try it out.

    • David says:

      Hey Benny—

      If you are using Apple Calendar then it is pretty much the same thing. I know Apple syncs throughout their products. I guess I like Google Calendars because it syncs wherever you add the app and not on just one platform like Apple Mac, iPhone, Android, PC. In other words, I can access anywhere.

      David Damron
      Life Excursion

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