Minimalist Packing…

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Minimalist Packing…

As I pack for Honolulu, I take into consideration the packing suggestions I have learned from the likes of Tim Ferriss and Mark Wiens.

I am headed to Oahu for 2 weeks and all I am bringing is my North Face Backpack. Being that I am headed to a tropical region there is little need for many layers. The fewer the layers, the better the opportunity there is for less packing. I have been able to do much more with much less. While traveling through Europe for a week and a half, I packed every need in my North Face backpack. Since I was staying in hostels and friends homes, I knew I would want as little as possible as I would be walking miles on end with whatever I had with me. Not only did it solve many hassles going from plane-bus-train, but also saved myself in certain situations where I would have easily missed one of my modes of transportation. I refer to this type of travel packing as Weight-less Packing.

Keys to Weight-less Packing:

  • Reliable, tough backpack or bag. Must be eligible for carry-on.
  • Lightweight Clothing such as Lacoste Polo’s or Exofficio Lightweight Underwear
  • Extra Bag for Items bought while on travel: Example Kiva Keychain Bag
  • Subtracting the unnecessary. Lay each item out. Then ask if you really need that item. If you stutter, don’t bring it.
  • Understand that everywhere you go in the world has clothes. Usually they are cheaper too, depending on which location you are going to.

These are just a few of my suggestions for Weight-less Packing. For some other suggestions check out ‘How to Travel Around the World with 10 Pounds or Less’ by Tim Ferriss and ‘How to Pack in 10 minutes for an Indefinite Trip’ by Mark Wiens

Well Wishes…Off to Honolulu…


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