Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: The Gentlemen’s Edition

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: The Gentlemen’s Edition

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(This is Part 1 of the Inadvertent Life Altering Advice Series featuring the male bloggers that details positive ways certain male bloggers have drastically altered the lives of not only myself, but many others. The Ladies Edition will be released within the next week.)

What Generates Change

Whether it be a monumental life switch or a minuscule deviation in a daily routine, change is often seen as a horrible aspect to life. Change takes effort. Positive change is what we all want to do, but fear doing. For some odd reason, change has morphed into this nightmarish life aspect. This negative outlook has to change…starting yesterday.

Personally, I love change. Change gets me going in the morning. It helps me see that life can and will always improve even at, what appears to be, it’s greatest moments. In my experience, change is generated from the acceptance of existence and the willingness to apply with a positive outlook. My definition of change may be completely wrong for your life, but this approach has helped me enjoy a great life and, assuming here, I have a feeling the bloggers I am going to introduce to you feel somewhat the same .

Accepting Ignorance & Taking Advice

I was stubborn. In a lot of ways, I still am stubborn. However, I have drastically reduced my stubbornness simply because I wanted more from life.  Change my approach and attitude has led to my success. A major position that has helped me improve my life has been the willingness to accept I am wrong, most of the time, and learn how to properly succeed. The saying Knowledge is Power is, corny as it may be, right. The power I have gained over my life and the opportunities I have afforded myself have come directly from my reduction of stubbornness and my eagerness to learn.

As a guy, along with the other gentlemen below (assumption!), it is difficult to accept that we are ignorant to a lot of life’s experiences. Accepting the fact that I am often ignorant is not a bad thing. It is a tool to move me forward to the things I want. I want a free life. Therefore, I acknowledge my ignorance and go in search of the intelligence/wisdom that others are sharing out in the blogosphere… & beyond.

When I realized that not everyone was against me in this world, I began to have this rare and unknown feeling….SUCCESS. Now, I had learned to take advice a long time ago. However, I hadn’t fully accepted the premise until I started wandering aimlessly through the endless information on the internet. Quickly, I learned that there were good honest men and women trying to improve their lives as well as help others to do the same. Weird? I know. I felt the same way. Through the last 2+ years of continuing to develop a life that my family and I are and will be happy with, none of the success would have been realized if it were not for my acceptance of ignorance and taking the advice of much wiser people out there.

How You Should Apply This Post

My fear is that you will scan this, smile and move on. DON’T DO THAT!!!

This article is not meant to be glazed over. Read the information I have provided about each blogger. Then, pick a few that you think might help you in your life and start applying their practices.  Start reading what they have to say. Start doing something to take your life to the next level. Use their FREE advice to improve your life.

If I told you that in 5 hours I could change your life, would you act? I hope you would. Well, the same applies here. Read and connect with The Gentlemen below and start taking drastic steps to improve your life.

The Gentlemen & An Offer

Before I present The Gentlemen, I’d like to present a minor shove in your direction. As part of the new Life Excursion motto of helping you succeed at whatever it is you wish to accomplish, I am going to present the following offer…

I will give a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a random (using individual who leaves a comment within this article just for doing one of the following:

  • Provide an example of how one of the following bloggers has helped changed your life. (Provide a concrete example)
  • Mention a different blogger who has helped change your life. (Provide a concrete example)

Simple as that. You provide some motivation to others and I, if your are the selected one, provide you with a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Enough with the offers….On to The Gentlemen providing inadvertent life altering advice…

*** An Aside: The reason for the title including ‘Inadvertent’ is because I did not contact these bright gentlemen prior to posting this article. This is pure faith in what they do. Enjoy! ***

Matt Frazier No Meat Athlete

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: Fear of failure prevents people from doing amazing things. Failing was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Impact: Matt has been able to do something I have struggled with off and on for years now. Many of you may have followed my journey to become a vegetarian. You made have also realized I have failed horribly and I still go back and forth as to what approach to take. Frazier has experienced failure and each time has come back stronger and stronger. Failure is a reality in life. It’s more about the story that follows than the story from the past that tells the tale of one’s life.


Dan Andrews Tropical MBA

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: Not all income is created equal.

Impact: Being that Andrews has found happiness in life experiences rather than money itself, he has now afforded himself a life he is, for lack of a better word, happy with. On top of that, he now provides internships to others so they can live the life they want just like him. There is no greater impact than 1) overhauling your life to live the one you want, 2) share the advice freely with others, & 3) provide internships that help others do the same.


Sean Ogle Location 180

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: If you are able to work for yourself yet still ensure you instigate the structure of working for someone else, you will be way ahead of the game.

Impact: Sean isn’t just an intelligent gentlemen. He is one who takes action. He went to his former employer and said, “Damn it! You either let me work remotely or I walk!” 16 months later, Sean now works wherever the hell he wants and is on his way to developing an even more secure future. See, once Sean had quit his 9 to 5, he signed up and participated in Dan Andrews Tropical MBA internship (see above). That opportunity has led Sean to be happy. Simple as that. Sure, Ogle works for Andrews in some fashion today, but he has given himself the chance to develop multiple streams of income while hanging out with the 7-Up guy. One of these days, I will actually get to hang out with this dude. Hopefully, sooner than later.


Joel Runyon Blog of Impossible Things

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: Intention implies belief. Direction requires action.

Impact: Runyon wants to do big things. Amazing things. Impossible things. He knows exactly what it takes. Action. There may be a lot of people out there that think up great life altering idea (looking in the mirror here), but rarely achieve them. Joel sets his sights on accomplishing something and takes action to accomplish it. he may not be traveling around the world weekly, but he is paving a path to accomplish the things he wants to.How does this impact you? Leading by example is the unofficial number one way to get others to accomplish anything. If I see a billionaire save the change from grocery shopping, then maybe I should implement the same approach to my own finances. Joel leads. You should follow.


Glenn Allsopp Viper Chill

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: My job right now is to catch you in this enthusiastic and energetic mood by showing you the one thing you need to do first: build your brand base online.

Impact: A lot of bloggers talk about building a brand (looking in the mirror again). However, few actually focusing so intently on this important fact and actually achieve such a goal. Glen not only has done that, he has done that at a young age. His maturity shines through in his approach and writings. He tests everything. I love people who do this a la Tim Ferriss. Allsopp has big dreams which is okay when you commit every ounce of your effort on this goal. Currently, I am trying to walk in his footsteps through his new program Cloud Living Headquarters (non-aff. link).


Karol Gajda Ridiculously Extraordinary

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: If your art isn’t valuable to you then you’re not an artist, you’re a factory. And probably unhappy.

Impact: If there is one thing I can count on from Karol, it is pure, blunt truth. Trust me, I have had to face the Gajda-Truth’s multiple times. The thing is, he wants you and I to succeed. He has developed a life that lets him lives in slums of India. Don’t you want that too? Half kidding. Karol is a mind-master and action-taker. I love his approach. No matter how often I think I am doing the right thing, I know I am not by Karol’s truthiness. Here’s my selling point in regards to Karol: If you want to drastically change your life, stop lying to yourself and start taking fucking action. Simple as that. His book How to Live Anywhere (aff link) is a must have if you want to start flipping your life on it’s head.


Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income

Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: You should never have nothing to write about.

Impact: Of all these individuals, the person who has the biggest impact on my life is Pat Flynn. Not because I love reading his monthly income reports. It’s because he is one of the few people who shows me EVERYTHING in regards to how he succeeds, what I can do to succeed, and the results to back his voice. One of the most frustrating aspects to building my own business is knowing what actions actually make impacts. Without working directly with me, Flynn makes sure I don’t head down a path that takes me off a cliff. Pat is the type of guy we all should be following if only for his see-through glass approach compared to a closed-in-my-face-secret-lair. The quote I used for Pat has had great influence on me because it does not only apply to writing. It applies to life and business. My life should never be a blank page because of lack of effort. A blank page is only blank because I am to lazy to fill it with incredible stuff. The same applies to procrastination in the business/blogging world. If you follow only one person of those mentioned here, let it be Pat.


I hope this post helps you move forward in achieving the goals you have set for yourself. If not, please do let me know so I can help you in any way possible.

Have a wonderful day and start exploring possibilities!

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9 Responses to Inadvertent Life Altering Advice: The Gentlemen’s Edition

  1. Joel says:

    Thanks for the kind words David! I’m in great company and for what it’s worth, I think you do a great of leading by example. Keep up the great work!

  2. Dan says:

    Agreed great company here David. I really appreciate working with some of the ideas on my blog. I read ALL of the bloggers you mentioned above too, so we’ve got the same taste :D

  3. Sean says:

    I agree with Dan in the sense that I don’t think it’s random that this is a compilation post of many of my favorite blogs. I agree David, that if you can learn a thing or two from these blogs, you’ll be well ahead of the game.

    Lookin’ forward to meeting you soon as well!

  4. Brandon says:

    Hey David – thanks for the great recap of these guys. Half of them I knew about, but the others are new to me. I’ll definitely check them out.

    There are several bloggers that have had a major impact on my life, but two that I can provide specific examples for are Jonathan Fields and Sarah Robinson.

    Jonathan’s TED talk on Fear at Carnegie Mellon was pivotal for me. I was faced with a decision – invest $5k in a personal development journey that I knew in my gut was going to change my life, or pay the mortgage. Cash was tight at the time, but I took the leap and went for it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and continues to pay dividends to this day.

    Sarah hosted a conference called Creating Irresistible Presence here in Atlanta last Fall that I attended (I was the only guy in a room full of women, which was a trip, haha). One of the exercises we went through got us to think about the things we did in various stages of our lives that made us the happiest. It was during that conference that I realized the common thread throughout my life was the joy of being in the outdoors, and in the woods more specifically. I let things get in the way of my experiencing this more often, and I decided to make some big changes. Again, money was part of the issue, but I took some steps that ended up putting me on course to reducing debt and attracting the most profitable project I’ve ever worked on.

    And of course, I have to mention Chris Guillebeau – I found his blog right at the time when I was making the exodus from a brief stint back in the corporate grind. His writing gives me constant inspiration to live the life I want to live, and do my best to help others along the way. His post from earlier today is incredible – perhaps my favorite he has written.

    Long comment, I know. I guess you inspired me. Thanks again for the recap. :)

    • David says:

      Thanks for your comment Brandon!

      As you noted, once we focus solely on what makes us happy, we tend to see how insignificant so many other things are.

      I am glad this was able to help you Brandon.

      Hope to hear more from you soon.

      David Damron

  5. Matt says:

    David, thanks for including me! That’s quite a list to be on; I admire a lot of those guys myself. And damn, my picture is the nerdiest of all. Gotta do something about that…

    Thanks again, and cool site. I hadn’t seen it before this.

  6. David,

    Great article! Thanks for posting an overview of these guys. I have heard of and follow quite a few, but some are new to me as well and I will definitely check them out.

    As far as the one blogger who has helped me the most, I’d have to say Steve Kamb of . Not only have I lost 20 pounds since finding his site, but he started me down the path of bettering myself, bettering my blog, and bettering my life. it’s because of him that I read guys like Joel Runyon, Matt Madeiro and Tyler Tervooren. He has been a HUGE inspiration!

    Thanks again for the article! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    • David says:

      Hey Topher—

      Isn’t it crazy how others can drastically improve our life simply by sharing their opinion. My life has drastically changed since becoming a blogger.

      Steve of NerdFitness is a great voice and I definitely can see why he created a changed in your life.

      Hope you have a good one and come back often…

      David Damron

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