Health and You | Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

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I have written a few posts here that have caused some ire with my readers. Being an honest and straight speaking individual has led to many a confrontations in my life. Some of them are good and others just negative. So, today, I will not judge anyone other than myself. Today, I ask you to ask yourself the questions pondered here.

I love being healthy. Right now, I am striving to reach the pinnacle I was at two years ago at this time. Feeling powerful and fit along with knowing my insides are properly being managed by the things I put in my mouth bring about a feeling of accomplishment and success. I love that feeling. The weird thing is that I allow small actions to overtake my progress with little fight. I usually deny for a while until I look in the mirror after jumping from the shower and realize that changes back to previous ways need to be made.

Fitness is key to living long and ignoring such a simple action is stupid. If you were to perform just 30 minutes a day of fitness, you can do wonders to your longevity. The major problem is that we have too many distractions. Between all of the modes of entertainment and connectivity, we seem to forget about the great outdoors or that gym membership we still have on auto-pay. When you look in the mirror, do you see a fit and ripped individual? Do you see what you want to see in the mirror? Ask yourself this and your answers will guide you.

Diet is the number one reason for the major health decline in western cultures world wide. The food we put in our mouth is not what our grandmother’s ate growing up. It is fake, processed matter that just happens to help us get by and put on pounds. There is so much good food that is natural, but many of us overlook the quality in nature and go for the unnatural for ease and cost. Is what you are putting in your mouth good for you? Is it going to help you achieve your goals? Be honest with yourself.

Asking ourselves the questions about our own health takes all blame on others out of the equation. We cannot get made at others for our health situation. When we address our answers to the questions posed here we come to the conclusion that our own actions relay into our own results.

I hope you ask yourself these questions when you plan your day out today. I don’t expect a major overhaul to happen overnight. But small steps, like asking yourself these questions, will lead to progress over the long haul.

David Damron

2 Responses to Health and You | Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

  1. Health is my number one priority goal this year. After putting all my focus on/our my finances, I now realise that I should of done health first and then money.

  2. Beth says:

    It’s also critically important to be honest with your doctor. Tell him or her how much you drink, smoke, do illicit drugs, or whatever is going on with you. They won’t judge you. They are there to help you stay well. Great topic. Thanks

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