How Connecting Through Different Mediums Improves Success Rate

How Connecting Through Different Mediums Improves Success Rate

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Now, I understand that most of you may not have an online goal. It may be to lose a ton of weight or to move overseas or something. However, this post will still apply because it doesn’t matter if you are off or online, but that you go outside your medium of choice to connect and grow.

Letters Versus Emails

Everyday, when I walk to the the mailbox, there are two feelings I have. One is slight depression that I am about to be bombarded with junk mail. (Yes, I do get depressed getting the crap mail as it is a huge waste…but that’s not what I am trying to get to here.) The second emotion is the far more important one. I have a sense a joy that I may be receiving a letter from family or friends. The effort and time that it takes to write a letter and mail it is far greater than just sending an email. When I open my Gmail, I do not get the joy of anticipation nor the follow up feeling of knowing someone truly put some thought into their expression. In other words, the more effort you put into the medium, the higher value the recipient puts upon your thoughts, ideas, intention, etc.

This was even more apparent when I received a Thank You card from Chris Guillebeau for attending the World Domination Summit. I have only briefly spoken with Chris two times and honestly, he doesn’t know me at all. However, I feel a deeper connection to Chris because he took the time to connect via a different medium than the typical one we would connect through. His effort made me appreciate him more and in turn, I will spread his efforts/words/thoughts to more people.

Letters versus emails is just one of the many examples of how connecting in a different medium generates a connection that builds rather than is overlooked or undervalued.

3 Ways You Can Accomplish More Via Different Connections

The following are a few ways (Plus Examples!) that I have properly implemented the tactic of connecting through different mediums to achieve greater results.

  1. Create Personalized VideosIt might sound simple, but connecting through a video that can be created in the same amount of time as a long, drawn out email, develops a sense of effort to the viewer. This has been the most effective action I have implemented in the last few months.
    • Example: When I launched Destination X, I sent out personalized videos to each of the people I wanted to promote the project. It was more detailed than the typical video so it took a lot more time. When all was said and done, I had about 80% positive response and the other 20% saw no response. On top of that, Sean Ogle, Nate Damm and Joel Runyon personally stopped whatever conversation they were having at the drunken time during World Domination Summit to tell me how much of an impact my personalized video made on them and that, whether the project helped them or not, they were willing to help me because I put the effort in to connecting via a different medium. Niall Doherty, myself and another WDS’er, who didn’t know me, were talking and Niall stopped the conversation to point out to the unknown gentleman how I had made personalized videos for my marketing campaign. I hadn’t asked Niall to share this nor did I even send him an original video. However, he saw that I put the effort in and wanted others to know that I wasn’t like everyone else.
  2. Meet People in PersonYes, we connect via mediums that are online and through phone as much if not more than face-to-face these days. However, that doesn’t mean face-to-face should be neglected. Face-to-face communicating these days has even more value to the other person as it is so rare.
    • Example: I had never personally met Leo Babauta before WDS. We had connected online and he was the sole reason The Minimalist Path saw success. So, I made it a goal to have a personal conversation with Leo at WDS. I was able to connect with him multiple times and show him that I truly caried about improving others lives. We disagreed on one topic and he said I should write a rebuttal to his thoughts. The conversation was a small part of the entire time we connected, but I knew this was one way that I could further my connection with Leo and discuss a topic that is extremely important to me. Leo probably forgot all about those few moments we talked, but I knew that since we connected through a more personal medium of face-to-face conversation, he would remember that I was trying to truly connect with him and my readers. Thus, I wrote the article 5 Reasons Leo Babauta is Wrong About Goals. I asked Leo to respond to each of my objections and we had a mature conversation about our differences. Leo enjoyed the piece so much that included the link to his followers and Life Excursion had it’s biggest week ever. This wasn’t by accident. It all started because I connected through a different medium to have further success in a different medium.
  3. Talk over Skype - If meeting a person face-to-face is not a reality, then ask them to have a 15 minute conversation over Skype or a similar video/audio medium (other than phone). Prepare a few questions and make sure to acknowledge their efforts and effect on you. This simple act tends to lead to conversations longer than 15 minutes and future opportunities to work with that individual and their connections.
    • Example: When I launched Destination X, Jonathan Mead was highly impressed with how I marketed the product. I jumped on this opportunity by asking him to have a short 15 minute conversation over Skype. The conversation lasted 40 minutes and now he knows who I am in the future. I can still build upon that, but if I had simply sent him an email instead of Skype, he probably would neglect any and all efforts on my part soon thereafter. At the very least, he might remember who I am when I approach him in the future with a question.

Are these the only ways/mediums to connect outside of your basic email or text message? Absolutely. However, these are three that have significantly improved my online efforts. I plan on building upon these in the near future, but for now, if you try to implement these actions, I can guarantee you will see an uptick in your success with goals whether on or offline.

6 Responses to How Connecting Through Different Mediums Improves Success Rate

  1. EJ Hunter says:

    I completely agree with you on this point. I love to get handwritten letters because they’re *tangible* and that it’s wonderful to feel the indentations of the pen underneath the fingertips. I’ve been searching for a medium which bridges the gap and offers the warm fuzzy as well as being as expedient as typing.

  2. David says:

    Hey EJ –

    My advice to you is to do something everyone else isn’t doing and make it personal. The more personal you make even the smallest effort to connect, the greater impact it will have.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas…

    David Damron
    Life Excursion

  3. EJ Hunter says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. :) I know that I’m looking for ‘revolutionary’ when many others are looking for ‘out of the ordinary’

  4. Paul NAND says:

    I love the idea of sending a quick video. It’s so easy to do with iPhones today. It’s my mums birthday today and I won’t see her until Saturday so thanks for the idea.

    • David says:

      Hey Paul—

      You bring up a great point. If we looked at communication with everyone as important as with our loved ones, we may address it differently.

      I have an action step for everyone:

      Send a personalized message to someone you have never spoken to but have looked up to. Address it as though it were to your closest person and the recipient will be much more welcoming.

      David Damron
      Life Excursion

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