Answer This One Question & You Will Accomplish Your Goal

Answer This One Question & You Will Accomplish Your Goal

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Let’s face it. Attacking a goal can be overwhelming. Let’s stop letting it overwhelm us. Here’s how we are going to do that…

Start by asking yourself one question. What can I do right now to move 1 inch closer to accomplishing my goal?

Now, most of you know what my favorite one question to ask is, but this question changes things a bit. By asking the question above, we are thinking about a simple step that we can take. The simplest step. The no excuses step. There is absolutely no way to fail at this. Seriously! Even if you are working right now (or whenever you ask this question), you can take a 10 minute break to send an email on your phone to someone you want to help/work with. There is absolutely no excuse for not taking action.

StopĀ Over-Thinking

There are a million actions you can be doing to achieve your goal. stop thinking bout all of them. Just think about this one action. Just the right here, right now.

Our brains get in the way too often. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to control the chaos.

What You Need to Do Right Now

What I would love to see you do is write down the question, “What can I do right now to move 1 inch closer to accomplishing my goal?” on a small notecard or some other form of paper that you can carry with you somewhere at all times. If you think this is stupid, pity me for 2 days. Whenever you find your mind wandering aimlessly, pull this card out and answer this question. Simple as that.

Once you have tried this test, let me know how it goes in the comments section. I want to know if this was as effective for you as it was for me.


3 Responses to Answer This One Question & You Will Accomplish Your Goal

  1. Stop over-thinking! Yes, yes, yes! I have a terrible habit of being paralyzed by over-analyzing a goal. I wrote your question on sticky notes (featuring a picture of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow for extra motivation, lol). One is on my laptop, the other is in my wallet since one of my goals is connected to our budget.

  2. Matt R says:

    Hi David,
    Yeah, putting the goal into smaller steps is important. Sometimes people have a huge vision but don’t implement them because that vision is so huge to actually get started on. Start small and work your way to the goal.

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