Looking Ahead to 2012: The Year of Action & No Excuses

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“Resolutions suck!”

I think I probably said that about this time last year as I have most previous years.See, for most people I have come across, their attempt at resolutions ends up being 3-6 weeks of half-ass efforts towards changing their lives in a positive way. In other words, I haven’t seen many long term results from these huge, life altering decisions to resolve something.With that said, I had some big plans as well for 2011 that weren’t resolutions that I decided on while kissing my wife at midnight. Most of which I did not accomplish.So, let’s factor this out. Most people I have come across set resolutions and never see them through. I didn’t set resolutions and I didn’t achieve most of my goals in 2011. I guess I can’t really hate when I am not achieving my own aspirations.

The Year of Action & No Excuses

(Inspired by Caleb Wojcik)

Resolution Domination

These guys will shake their head at me for sure, but I am going to head into 2012 with multiple goals that I am officially calling that scary usually unfulfilled word of resolutions. When I say resolutions, I mean goals that I am stating prior to the beginning of 2012.

Since I have never properly tested setting resolutions and made a conscious effort to try and see them through, why should I judge others who failed at their own resolutions. Maybe resolutions are the way to go and others have just approached them the wrong way. Maybe others have the right idea about resolutions, but let life get in the way. Either way, I am setting myself on a course of pure resolution domination (yes, that web domain is available ;) ).

2012: The Year of Action & No Excuses

I am going to run with two major themes in 2012. I should probably stick to one, but they coincide so I don’t mind tackling both.

The two major themes will be taking action and providing no excuses for my results (or lack thereof).

I am going to make it a priority to take action steps each and every day of 2012. The tracking system I have developed will keep me on schedule. The schedule will tell me what to do so I have less of a likelihood of sabotaging everything.Talk will get me nowhere. Action will lead to results.

The other theme is going to be no excuses. I like to think I blame myself for not accomplishing this or that, but I can do a better job of it. At the end of 2012, I will be able to have a conversation without stating a fake or inexcusable reason for why this or that didn’t happen. This doesn’t just apply to my goals, but life in general. I don’t have a way of measuring this so I will have to try to be conscious of my own rhetoric here.

Those are the two big themes. If I follow these well, I should end 2012 with major success and a new feeling towards how I got there.

How I’m Going to Dominate My Resolutions (Goals)

Lots of talk. Lots of hype. Little action. Lots of excuses. These will be eliminated from my life to allow for pure domination of my goals.

I am not taking 2012 lightly. My wife (check out her new site) and I have some big things coming up at the end of 2012 (no babies…yet) and we want to be over prepared like no other year. What this means is focus for 366 days (yep, we get an extra one February 29th).

Enough of me rambling and not getting to the meaty part of this resolution meal…

Here are some general actions I am going to take to dominate my resolutions…

  • We recently were the beneficiaries of a Kindle Fire (Thank you Santa).  I am implementing the Pat Flynn approach to a Happy-Wife-Happy-Life. This is huge for me because now I can separate Fruit Ninja & internet wandering time from work time. The Kindle Fire is my “toy” and the computer is for work. In 2010, Pat Flynn brought peace to his house by using his office and desktop for work and his iPad for play. This works perfectly for us as this way the wife knows when I am wasting time (and how much ;) ) on the Fire and when I am working (on the Pro).
  • To go along with the previous action, I have literally blocked EVERYTHING non-goal related on my MacBook Pro. I use a Google Chrome app entitled StayFocusd which blocks distractions like ESPN, Yahoo, and every other time waster. I actually have it set to “allow” me 10 minutes to browse the time wasting sites, but after that 10 minutes are up, the screen switches to “Shouldn’t You Be Working?” I have been using this for a year and it’s been great.
  • For all intensive purposes, I got rid of Facebook. I still have the account, but only for the LifeExcursion group. My only Facebook friend is my wife. Getting rid of Facebook has eliminated almost all political anxiety, gossip, snooping, and tons of other poor emotions and actions. The wife is now working on this one too.
  • Google Docs has become my second home and will be an even bigger part of my life for the next year. I am going to be tracking EVERYTHING I do. This will be crucial to my secret project. Tracking always (I don’t use that word lightly) leads to improved results.

These were just a few of the major action steps I am taking to get me and keep me headed in the right direction in 2012. If you have any other suggestions, PLEASE share in the comments.

My Resolutions (Goals) for 2012

Thanks to some inspiration from Caleb Wojcik, I am going to break down my 2012 goals in the following categories: Personal / Health / Business / Finance. For all intensive purposes, I enjoy the word ‘goals’ a lot more than ‘resolutions’ so I will primarily refer to them as such going forward. They are generally the same idea so this shouldn’t deter you from my ideas and approaches.

Let’s get started…


I want to make some major strides in growing as a person. It can be tough at times to realize that I need to continue to grow as an individual with life always coming up, but it is highly important.

Personal Goals:

  1. Keep daily track of my goals for 2012
  2. Meet 10 people in person that I have had online connections with (Not at WDS)
  3. Have a minimum of 20 daily minutes of distraction-free time with my wife

I am going to dominate each corresponding goal by…

  1. Using a Google Spreadsheet to note down actionable steps I took that day, what ways I can do better, and what I want to do the following day to improve and/or continue to excel.
  2. In every city I visit, I will make a conscious effort to meet up with whomever I or other online friends might know in that location. This was a personal uncertainty barrier I accomplished in 2011 and want to build upon it.
  3. This might sound like I am making this a chore or that my wife and I never talk, but it’s definitely not like that. Between her part time job and 30+ hours of acupuncture Masters program courses (She is taking something like 9 classes…Yes, she is crazy) and my full time job and internet-mastery pursuit, it can be tough to find “talk time” that isn’t just, “What are we having for dinner?” I can be extremely easily distracted (via televisions, computers, a fly) so I am going to make it a point to remove as many distractions as possible and focus on us everyday.


I haven’t been the ultra-fit-&-healthy guy since I was a bachelor back in 2008 and early 2009. Sure, I workout regularly and eat fairly healthy, but I need to get back to my physical domination days. When I am in the zone, I need less sleep, I feel better, I focus more, and I generally dominate life a whole lot more. Thus, if I get back there, I should accomplish more and sooner.

Health Goals

  1. Get back down to 185 and maintain that weight
  2. Feel good about walking around shirtless everyday of my life
  3. Eat only 1 meal out per week by the end of the year.
  4. Launch my HUGE SECRET PROJECT that will change peoples health and fitness lives (hopefully) forever.

I am going to dominate each corresponding goal by…

  1. Currently, I am sitting between 195-200. Starting January 1st, I am going to eliminate or reduce most non-natural foods from my regular diet. I am going to go back to a minimum of two separate 30 minute workouts 6 days per week. I will also be tracking this progress daily which will be part of my HUGE SECRET PROJECT.
  2. I used to be able to go shirtless and be gawked at all the time. Yes, I was (and still would be) proud of that fact. It’s time to get back to those high levels of physical appeal. Yes, my wife understands I can be vain sometimes. :)
  3. The last 6 months have seen me make endless excuses as to why I find myself at the curbside pickup at Outback. Those times must stop, especially if I want to achieve the last goal. I am going to treat myself to one absolutely horrible meal per week to quell the desire for fatty foods from killing all progress.
  4. I have already built out a month worth of daily to-do’s to get this project launched. I will be doing the testing on myself over the next month. The testing will primarily be the same lifestyle/approach I had a few years back. Now, I am just detailing how others can achieve physical prowess as well. Along with this, I have a laundry list of things that need to be done for the project. Thankfully, all focus is going towards this.


I have sabotaged myself on the business side of things. When I was focusing on one project back in 2010, I got over the five figure hump in online income. I am taking Caleb’s, Corbett’s, Leo’s, Baker’s, and pretty much every other successful online entrepreneurs advice and sticking to one specific business goal. Well, one overall goal and one business specific goal. See how quickly I already broke my own rule and doubled my goals. This is going to be tough.

Business Goals

  1. Generate $30,000 in online gross income.
  2. Get 1,000 people to sign up for the SECRET PROJECT by the end of the year.

I am going to dominate each corresponding goal by…

  1. This will be highly reliant on me launching the best possible product I can. This will be of significant focus for the entire year (EVERY SINGLE DAY).
  2. Marketing the secret project will be of focus once the product is finished. I will be doing a lot of work on testing the landing pages and ads. I feel like this goal is realistic if I can launch my project by May 1st. If I meet this goal, I will blow goal #1 out of the water.


There is no doubt that this area needs some attention with my wife’s and my goals for the end of 2012. Having the wife in school and relying on my income has been a struggle. However, it’s just another excuse and I will no longer allow it. I make more than a lot of couples in this country make combined. We live a comfortable life and comfortable usually means too comfortable. I need to get out of the comfort level and start building our wealth. The wife and I have built a plan and goals together so we will be on the same path going forward.

Finance Goals

  1. Focus on daily budgetary practice
  2. Increase our emergency fund to 4 months
  3. Significantly build our net worth

I am going to dominate each corresponding goal by…

  1. I will be tracking, via Mint.com, how we are doing on a daily basis. Simple as that.
  2. We are going to build one of our many ING Savings accounts to a level where we aren’t so concerned if something horrible happened.
  3. The wife and I have a goal. I know we are going to blow it out of the water. I am going to keep it to just us for now, but this should be fun.

That’s about all I got folks. 2012 is going to be an amazing year. It’s a matter of taking the reigns and controlling my life.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and your goals for 2012 in the comment section.

Good luck to you and yours in the new year!

2 Responses to Looking Ahead to 2012: The Year of Action & No Excuses

  1. Caleb Wojcik says:

    All of the goals you’ve listed are definitely things you can accomplish in 2012.

    It looks to me as if they fit into two different categories:
    - Daily Accountability (eating out, daily tracking, etc.)
    - The Results from the Daily Progress

    Choosing to focus on specific big goals in each category will need to what you want most: Action.

    You got this.

  2. marniawaugh says:

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