17 Things About This Guy David Damron (Half Amazing / Half Absolutely Pointless)

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As you may have seen, the blogosphere has blown up recently with people bragging about themselves. Wait, isn’t that what bloggers do everyday?! Anyways, I thought I’d join in to give you a better insight into my life and how I try to live it to the max daily.

Before telling you a bit more about me, I have included links to others who have come before yours truly…

For Better or Worse, Here We Go….

  1. I broke my wrist when I was 13 on my very first grind. Needless to say, I was not the coolest or best rollerblader. However, I was always the one to take the boldest risks. Usually they paid off. This wasn’t one of those times.
  2. Before leaving for Launceston, Tasmania, I had no idea where it was. It was my first overseas trip and all I knew was that I was volunteering in Australia. It wasn’t until an Aussie on my Qantas flight showed me on a map where the hell the island was that i actually knew where I was going.
  3. I question everything. Did you know that the white piece of paper next to you isn’t actually white? It is blue. The only reason you think it’s white is because others ingrained it in your head that it was white. It’s actually blue. —— I think you get the idea.
  4. As a kid, my mom made the stupid mistake of teaching me how to make Kool-Aid. If your mom put in a cup of sugar (already bad enough for you) in with water and food coloring stuff, how could you not figure out how to do it yourself. Obviously, tripling the sugar measurements when you do it yourself. Sorry teeth! You’re welcome dentists.
  5. The amount of $$$ I spent on alcohol throughout college at least equaled the total I paid for tuition. Tuition at my state school cost me (no school loans) $1200/semester on average over 4 years. Some might say this was stupid. However, taking 19 units and working 35+ hours per week meant I needed to enjoy something. Now that I think about it, I definitely could’ve spent that $$$ better. I still enjoyed the alcoholic beverages 95% of the time. The other 5% were the times I was praying to the porcelain god. I am an old man now (27?!) so I couldn’t keep up nor would want to keep up with that drinker.
  6. The greatest moment of my life was walking from the tall buildings of the city of Sydney into the Harbour area. There is no place I would rather ever be. There are moments that come close, but this takes the cake.
  7. Upon getting the van that my fiancée and I were living in in New Zealand stuck in mud at some secluded campsite, I, honestly, thought Freddy Kruger was going to walk from the tree-line and take us out. Sure, I was 25, but I was still scared as sh**. I didn’t know where we were really and I had no control. No control meant ANYTHING could happen. I survived the night, obviously, and got pulled out the next morning by a wonderful Kiwi family.
  8. My biggest fear is conforming. I hate conformity. it’s not interesting. It’s not fun. It’s a waste of life. Enough said.
  9. I was an alter boy for 7 years. This isn’t too big of a deal…unless you know how devoted I am to being an atheist today. I don’t want to start the religion back-and-forth, but if you met me, you would never think I was ever an alter boy.
  10. My best skills are behind the camera not in front of it. I really, really want to learn how to build cool videos for vlogging. With that said, my personality isn’t as captivating as The Ren Men Show.
  11. I started a TOP SECRET 6-person blogging club to help each other grow in September 2009. Half of us survived the treacherous world of blogging and still exist today.
  12. I saw The Fray at an outdoor concert in zero degree weather in Vail, Colorado. This was a ton of fun despite being completely unprepared for the weather. It was only about a 1,000 people and we were 20 feet from the stage. Everyone had about 6 inches of snow on their heads by the end of the show.
  13. The human body is the one thing I will never stop admiring. I love fit, athletic, healthy human bodies (male and female). I am okay with my sexuality to appreciate the beauty of a sculpted male and mature enough to not gawk at a beautiful woman.
  14. Blogging has become my one and only voice outlet. I like to bottle things up when it comes to face to face interaction. I rarely have any breakdowns, but when I do I get really depressed. Thankfully, the blogging world has welcomed me with open arms and I have been able to express my feelings a lot better since starting.
  15. I have a tough time focusing. If you could see how many web domains and projects I have started, you would be amazed I ever get anything done. I love thinking of new ideas that could become revolutionary. Unfortunately, the next great idea comes to me 10 minutes later and I move on.
  16. My first car was  Baby Blue Bronco 2. Not even the cool OJ Simpson version. However, I loved beating the heck out of that SUV before SUV’s became tanks. Oh how I miss you Baby Blue.
  17. I am super-positive. Over the last 2 years, I have become somewhat annoying about my positive outlook. I work really hard to let things go and move forward. Thinking of how others should be is the biggest waste of time ever. Helping others become more is a lot more fun.

I hope you enjoyed a little more insight into how I became who I am today.

3 Responses to 17 Things About This Guy David Damron (Half Amazing / Half Absolutely Pointless)

  1. Lach says:

    So, how do you appreciate a beautiful woman then? peripherals? ;)

    • Dave says:

      Peripherals are one way. Luckily, I have a fiancée who understands that I, honestly, love beauty and not just gawking. Along with physical beauty, there are some ways that a woman can carry herself that is also beautiful. Her attitude, approach to life can be mesmerizing.

      David Damron

  2. You know that was an interesting post – I enjoyed it. Can I just add that point 3 is very topical for me – last night I was pondering why we all see colour the same (apart from colour blind people of course) and is yellow actually green (very similar to your thought process)? I then started questioning the existence of plastic got confused and found a mundane task to perform to take my mind of it – n.b I was told to drop Chemistry at school after questioning whether atoms existed – really they do? apparently so?. I didn’t drop the subject as instructed, and proceeded to get a rubbish grade.

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